Does A General Contractor Ever Have To File A 20-Day Preliminary Notice? October 25, 2018

Many general contractors believe that they never have to file a 20-Day Preliminary Notice, but this isn’t necessarily true. If a general contractor understands that the purpose of the 20-Day Preliminary Notice , then many unfortunate situations can be avoided. The purpose of the 20- Day Preliminary Notice is to alert owners and lenders to […]

How A Notice Of Nonresponsibility Can Destroy Your Mechanics Lien Claim October 2, 2018

Are you thinking of entering into a contract to do tenant improvement work? If so, your mechanics lien could be invalid if the tenant fails to pay you. This is because California Civil Code sections 8442(b) and 8444 allow the Owner of the property to record and post a document called a Notice of Nonresponsibility. […]